2017 Jacobson Family Newsletter

Eric and Joy

Eric and Joy went to Florida in November to visit Kelly and to see the new house.  In early December, Eric flew to California to see his mother Sunny and his sister Tracy.

Eric continues to work as a business growth specialist at a local internet company and enjoys speaking with businesses to help them improve their customer acquisition and build their client engagement.

Joy is a Math teacher at York Avenue school in Lansdale, and she has her very active tutoring business.She is in the St. Peter’s church choir (North Wales, PA). When she’s not feeding Ella or avoiding being scratched by Ella she does logic puzzles on her tablet.





Kelly and Jason

In 2017, Kelly found out that she had been accepted to Florida State University’s PhD program in Fiction. Soon after accepting her place in the program, Kelly found out that she is pregnant! Jason and Kelly bought a house in Tallahassee, Florida, while Jason continues to work for Accenture in Virginia. They are looking forward to welcoming the newest member of the Hortiatis and Jacobson household in January 2018.  Kelly continues to publish her YA novels, anthologies, and short stories.  You can see her work at http://www.kellyannjacobson.com

The rehearsal dance video from their wedding surpassed 3,300 views.  Click here to see it.


Kristen and Alex

Kristen now works at Core Power, Inc. in King of Prussia as a Sales Administrator. Alex is still a Physical Therapist at Excel in Media. They went to Cancun for their honeymoon and in the spring they took a trip to Seattle with their friends. Kristen and Eric enjoyed making some “Paps and Baby” videos   Click here to see some.  The wedding reception video from last year is nearly at 400 views.  Click here to see it.








Ella had another banner year.

  • She produced 1,426 hairballs
  • Caught 278 field mice
  • Scratched Joy 1,129 times
  • Napped for 8,393 hours
  • Tore 43 holes in our curtains
  • Meowed for food 13,191 times
  • And received 98,213.5 pats on the head.All in all, a great year.




… Still dead.

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