Don’t Lose Your Wife On The Metro

Dont lose your wife BookCover frontDon’t Lose Your Wife On The Metro – Travel Tips For Northern France.  Available to order for Kindle  $2.99
Paperback version available in the Createspace store

This book chronicles our sixteen day trip through Northern France and provides travelers with stories and tips to help them plan their own journeys.
Over 160 color photos.

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1 Introduction
2 Before You Go
3 The French People
4 Hotels
5 Bon Appetite
6 Transportation
7 Paris
8 Alsace Region
9 Loire Valley
10 Mont St Michel
11 Chartres
12 Versailles


1 Introduction
In June 2015 my wife and I traveled to France to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.  We had been to Italy four years earlier so we had some idea about what a European country was like to visit. however, each country has its own personality and France has its own rhythm.

We were three days into our trip and just finished an afternoon of sightseeing.  We wanted to take the Metro back to our hotel, so with our Metro ticket in hand we entered the underground tunnel to take the first part of the trip.  In this case our travel required taking the Metro to a hub station and walking a long way to get to a connecting Metro train.  After the next train we would have to make another connection to get to our last train that would take us to the Censior Daubenton Metro stop in Paris.

When we got to the hub station we ran to the connecting Metro train platform as we had done several times the prior three days.  The train was at the platform when we landed at the bottom of the long staircase.  The train that I targeted had two doors – one near the front of the car and one near the back.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mom says:

    So what happened…did your wife miss the train while you went merrily on your way? A mother-in-law wants to know!

  2. You’ll have to read the introduction to the book to find the answer. Spoiler alert, we are still married.

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