Ella Purrs

“Hi – My nameElla Up High Cropped is Ella Purrs.  I started my Twitter site @EllaPurrs on May 17, 2016  Each week I will tweet a photo of myself or a guest animal, mineral, or vegetable (okay – who am I kidding – it will be an animal, and probably a cat!) and along with the photo will be a funny sentence.  It’s going to be fun for the whole family.  I hope you enjoy the journey.”                                       ella purrs

“Like any vain kitty, I am using the above photo from when I was a little kitten.  You’ll never catch me with curlers in my fur and you’ll  always see me wearing my coat.”

So many flavors, so little time!
Ella -= So many flavors low res

Hanging with my peeps.

hanging with my peeps low res