Galley Kitchen Ballet

Galley Kitchen Ballet – A new book of original poetry by Eric Allen Jacobson.  Now available to order.Galley Kitchen BookCoverPreview


What you see is not all it may seem.
You don’t know what I hope and dream.
“You shouldn’t play with dolls” is how it started.
At an early age my gender identity parted.
Entering the bathroom is not an act of sedition.
It’s not just enough to do the addition,
for I’m greater than the sum of my parts.

There seems to be a great debate.
But all I see is fear and hate.
I’m concerned for my job if I should be revealed,
so my true identity must be concealed.
Must I continue the grand masquerade?
I’d rather be the marshal of a pride parade.
You see, I’m greater than the sum of my parts.

People try to put me in a box.
Others want to stone me with rocks.
I just want to find a little peace.
My life looks out for a new lease.
I feel sorry for all those righteous people
who choose to hide behind the steeple.
I’m greater than the sum of my parts.

High heels and fancy dress clothes,
nail polish and a powdered nose.
Those are the keys to my fashion.
They drive my life and renew my passion.
Finally I’m free from society’s chains.
Only a ghost of my former self remains.
I’ve always been greater than the sum of my parts.

All rights reserved – Eric Allen Jacobson

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