Hullabaloo At The Zoo

A new rhyming children’s picture book. For ages 3 – 7

At the zoo a lemur opens up a gate and the zoo animals escape. Follow along as they hide from Ella the cat detective and return to their homes in the wild.

Book Review by: Kid’s Picture Book Review

“Another fun-filled book from Eric Jacobson. My kids always enjoy the quirky illustrations of mashed up images. Seeing an otter riding a hippo, a gorilla pretending to do siding work, a leopard dressed up as a café waiter, a bear becoming a florist. There are so many fun pages that keep the kids guessing as to what funny thing will happen next. The book is an easy read for early beginners. It’s also written in a funny rhyming scheme, so it will be easier for kids to read along.”


View a brief video reading of excerpts from the book with photos:

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