Let’s Pretend

Reviewed by Sarah Stuart for Readers’ Favorite

“Let’s Pretend by Eric Jacobson is the first picture book I have seen that would appeal to youngsters between the ages of two and seven – a wide but realistic target market. The secret lies in an intriguing illustration on every page. The youngest children would be attracted by the colors and happy to have a bedtime, or anytime, cuddle, while an adult reads the simple captions. Older children would be thrilled with the inclusion of a character from Star Wars and the many different occupations featured. These vary from prompts to training for future careers, like ballet and teaching, to dreams of conquering mountain peaks or having a pony to ride. This is a book that would make a superb gift for any child.

I loved Let’s Pretend, the book that has everything. The illustrations are clear, colorful, and have lots of detail that beg older children to study them over and over. There is a single line under each picture, but they form a couplet with words on the next page, like my favorite: “Let’s pretend you are very strong or a singer who sings a song.” Children, especially preschoolers, adore the rhythm of rhymes. Older children, if they don’t already play dressing-up games, will beg for old clothes, curtains, or boxes. If you lose a long red jumper and a bag of cotton wool, he or she is pretending to be Santa Claus. A white sheet missing, plus a carrot – think about it. This book by Eric Jacobson belongs on every child’s bookshelf until it’s passed down to the next generation.”

Review by kidspicturebook

“Encourage the imagination of your child. A fun rhyming book for children with original photos. It’s about make believe and dressing as different professions and characters, such as a princess, firefighter, cook, florist, and more. Ella the cat stars as the character who pretends to dress up and to do different things in make believe. The book is designed to encourage the pretend play and imaginative play that they enjoy.

My son thought this book was hilarious. He loved seeing the funny pictures of the cat doing everything. We loved the Jedi master, the doctor, the cat lifting weights, the horseback riding one, and more. They’re all really funny. I love the simplicity of the book with the funny illustrations. This is the perfect book for beginning readers. They will read short rhyming sentences and be enthused by the pictures.”

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