Ode to my Hair – Self Portrait

Ode to my Hair – Self Portrait –  For the  2017 Bucks Fever Art Show I was encouraged to submit a self portrait and it was accepted into the show.

Here is the write up that accompanied the photo:

I’m not sure that wisdom comes with age, however the ability to take oneself less seriously does.  As a photographer and writer, I tend to look at things differently than most people.  A few years ago, I wrote a book of funny poems and limericks called Ode to my Hair.  The book’s title limerick started, This is an ode to my hair. I’m sad it’s no longer there. It’s gotten rather thin. Still it’s original color … skin. It matches whatever I wear.  The ability to laugh at myself has served me well and contributes to my positive attitude.  My father became bald at an early age and he made light of it.  As a child, I would tease him about it and he accepted it.  So, it was only fitting that I do the same when I started losing my hair after college.  Today when I can fit in a joke about my hair, or lack of it, I try to do so.  When I do it I always get a laugh, and I enjoy that. It’s also a great ice breaker.  So, the next time you can make light of yourself take the leap, and you may find that you bring a smile to someone else.