Ode To My Hair

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                              Uncle Sam

I received a visit from Uncle Sam
Why does he always hold out his hand?
He asks for money, and then some more.
What can I do about this government crack whore?

When pay day arrives my pay check is zero.
Who will stop him and become my hero?
He says he needs money to provide good service,
but the waste and corruption make me nervous.

I work hard each day to increase my pay,
but soon I’ll be broke if Sam has his way.
He taxes this and he taxes that.
It must be to support that great big hat.

You say this is all made up in my mind,
but my situation’s put me into a bind.
I can’t make enough to support my lifestyle.
Can’t he just leave me alone for a while?

He always has his hand in my pocket.
I can’t get away, I’m next on his docket.
Each week he takes most of each dollar.
If he keeps this up I’ll be living in squalor.

He holds out both hands on income tax day.
No matter what, he gets his way.
When I ask for a refund he just says no.
Then he tells me where I can go.

He tells my boss to reduce my check.
All that’s left is a little speck.
If I don’t escape his greedy paws,
I’ll need to get money by breaking some laws.

He drives me to seek a psychiatrist’s care,
and out of frustration I pull out my hair.
One of these days he’ll tap my well dry,
but until then I’ll just sit here and cry.

By Eric Allen Jacobson     All rights reserved  Copyright 2017

           Antisocial Media

I liked all your posts, though we never have met.
But now you are creepy and I am upset.
Your comments have become so hard to swallow.
So I will block your access, no more to follow.
I’m leaving your circle and short list of friends.
I’ll also unpin you, that’s how it will end.

By Eric Allen Jacobson  All rights reserved  Copyright 2017


See Eric’s book of serious poetry, I Look Out The Window.




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