Out of Time

Out of time cover only dec 13 2020-2020

The sequel to the novel Temporary Insanity – A Love Story

Rebecca and Robert have a baby girl named Judy. Will Judy experience time travel adventures like her mother Rebecca did before her wedding to Judy’s father?  Before Judy leaves for college she has an adventure that will test her ability to survive in a hostile time and place. Will she be able to get back home before she runs out of time?

Jasmine, the passive aggressive cat, is back to provide some comic relief.

Meet the real life inspiration behind the fictional cat Jasmine in my two novels.

Ella first gained notoriety as the inspiration for the children’s book series Ella Purrs – the Cat Detective. Many of Jasmine’s traits are taken from our real encounters with Ella. We inherited Ella from our eldest daughter when she was leaving college and couldn’t have a cat in the apartment she was renting. The first three months she was with us she would attack my wife’s ankles whenever walked near Ella. Joy took to wearing boots around the house to protect herself! Now they are usually on speaking terms (but not when Ella claws at Joy’s nice tablecloth.) You can enjoy the passive aggressive activities of Jasmine in the upcoming novel Out of Time and in the first book in the series, Temporary Insanity – A love Story.

Read the first book in the two-book series.

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