Temporary Insanity – A Love Story

Temporary Insanity – A Love Story

Coming in April 2019 – A new novel.

Note: This novel contains a significant amount previously published content from two novellas.

The pressure of getting married affects each of us in a different manner.  We’ve all heard stories of weddings gone wrong and women becoming “Bridezilla.”  What is happening to Rebecca and Robert?  Rebecca’s love for Robert helps her to get through the misadventures she experiences.

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Prior Reviews for Temporary Insanity:

“As a bride-to-be, Temporary Insanity was incredibly relatable! I thoroughly enjoyed following Rebecca and Robert’s journey and found myself laughing aloud along the way. A must read for for those in the thick of wedding planning!”

“New brides and newly engaged will enjoy the wedding story of Rebecca and Robert in this quick read. Reading Temporary Insanity made me reflect and reminisce on my own wedding story, more than 20 years ago.”