Temporary Insanity – A Love Story

The pressure of getting married affects each of us in a different manner.  We’ve all heard stories of weddings gone wrong and women becoming “Bridezilla.”  What is happening to Rebecca and Robert?  Rebecca’s love for Robert helps her to get through the misadventures she experiences.

Kindle Review:

Reviewed in the United States on April 1, 2020

Format: Kindle Edition


 Chapter 1
Not Quite Love at First Sight

“What do you mean she wants to see the guest list?” Rebecca screamed at her fiancé, Robert. This was the third time her future mother-in-law had asked to see the wedding guest list. The veins on Rebecca’s neck were bulging and the sweat on her brow beaded like water on a newly waxed car. She’s stepping on my last nerve, Rebecca thought to herself. Now I know what a cork feels like when the screw works its way through the soft flesh.
            “It’s okay,” Robert said, trying to relax her.
“It’s not okay. I already finalized the list. I can’t take this anymore!” Rebecca clenched her teeth and hands to emphasize her frustration.

Robert knew that she would eventually calm down. For now he silently backed away and retreated to the kitchen to get her a glass of Merlot. As he poured the smooth liquid into the large goblet, he thought to himself that a few sips of wine would help calm her nerves. Over the past three months Rebecca had become agitated on a regular basis so Robert kept running to the store to stock up on wine. It wasn’t a good sign that Robert was on a first name basis with the guy at the liquor store. Every future bride goes through some challenging moments; however, Robert was expecting Rebecca to grow devil horns any day now. It was as if she were possessed and needed a visit from a Bridezilla exorcist. Oh, if only there were such a person!  Robert thought to himself. Rebecca was usually calm and collected. He had seen her handle serious situations at work with ease and barely a rise in her pulse. Since he returned from his business trip to Mexico three months ago, she hadn’t been the same.

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