Toot Toot

A children’s book with funny rhymes and animal photos about a not too serious topic, passing gas. The book may assist with parents in the midst of potty training their children.

From a mother of 2 and 3 year old girls, “Your book Toot Toot was both a gift and a curse because WOW, is that book a hit. I read it like six times a day!

Suggested for ages 3-8.

Kinsley says “Toot Toot.”


Praise for Toot Toot:

“The book is silent, but deadly. We loved it” D.J., St Louis

“Better than a Whoopee cushion.” R.S., San Jose

“A good sequel would be Winnie the Poo.” D.W., Philadelphia

“This book is not only objectionable but gross.” – Author’s mother – age 85

“Glad it wasn’t a scratch and sniff book.” J.M., New York

“It reminded me of Gone With the Wind.” W.S, Baltimore

“Do they read this on Uranus?A.F., Boston

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