Weinstein’s Gone

Weinstein’s gone, he didn’t say goodbye.
There’s not a tear in anyone’s eye.
Power often corrupts one’s soul.
He sought too much for his bankroll.

People claw to the top in search of fame.
They need a haven, they’re not to blame.
Some freedom is lost as the carpet’s rolled out.
Fans line the fence, they scream and shout.

Power brokers spin their web of deceit,
and block the path of your retreat.
You try your best to avoid the location.
So much pressure you need sedation.

You barter your freedom to walk the red carpet.
Is it worth the price to be a starlet?
You’ve made your claim; some people have doubt.
As others come forward, predators get kicked out.

Is there no one in LA with ethics and class,
who can keep their hands off another’s ass?
Government leaders maintain less control,
as they prey on the staff on our bankroll.

Our hope is that this nonsense will end.
These are coworkers, they aren’t your best friend.
No more liberties may you take away.
Whether you work in Hollywood; or in the Beltway.

Eric Allen Jacobson – Copyright 2017