Toot Toot

A new children’s book about a topic everyone can get behind, passing gas. Learn More

Let’s Pretend

Now available on Amazon – a new children’s rhyming picture book about pretending to be different professions and characters. Starring Ella Purrs. For children ages 2+ to 6.


Now available, the sequel to Temporary Insanity – A Love Story. Rebecca and Robert have a baby girl named Judy. Will Judy have time travel experiences like her mother Rebecca had before she married Robert? Before Judy leaves for college she has an adventure that will test her ability to survive in a hostile time…

A Piece of my Mind

Paperback and Kindle. An animal photo book with fun quotes directly from the mouths of the animals. Have you ever wondered what your pets and zoo animals really think? Now you can discover what’s on their mind!

First Impressions – Photos and Reflections of a Danube River Cruise

A photographic journey to the Danube river and some of the towns and sights along the way. Each chapter has a brief description of the town’s highlights, followed by photos of major sights. The book is more of a keepsake than a travel planner. Available for Kindle and Paperback

Temporary Insanity – A Love Story

Paperback now available on Amazon – and Kindle –  210 pages.  A new* novel about Rebecca and Robert.  They will soon be married, however Rebecca is turning into a Bridezilla. What is causing this transformation? Robert is at his wit’s end. Rebecca’s love for Robert will help her to travel through her adventures to uncover…

Out For a Drive

Available to order at  Amazon. Out For a Drive – A book of funny animal photos and limericks for children of all ages.