Greater Insanity

Coming Spring 2017 – The sequel to the novella, Temporary Insanity.

Temporary Insanity

Available on Createspace,  Amazon, and for Kindle – A fiction novella about a wedding gone wrong .  But what is causing Rebecca to become a Bridezilla?  Read More

Out For a Drive

Available to order at Createspace.    Also available on Amazon. Out For a Drive – A book of funny animal photos and limericks for children of all ages.

Galley Kitchen Ballet

Galley Kitchen Ballet – A new book of original poetry by Eric Allen Jacobson.  The cover and the poem Galley Kitchen Ballet was inspired by Eric’s daughter Kristen and the way she and her father are able to work together in their small galley kitchen in a way that is just like a choreographed ballet dance….

Sacrifice: What Would You Give

Eleven inspirational essays about sacrifice, struggle, and overcoming obstacles.  Each essay is followed by questions for reflection and an original photo by Eric Allen Jacobson. Contributing Authors: 1. I’LL NEVER FORGET YOU, YOUNG SOLDIER by Robert B. Robeson 2 THE HARDEST DAY by Melissa VanDerStad 3. PURE SACRIFICE by Jennifer J. Chow 4. GIVE ME…

Let There Be Light

 This inspirational book contains photos and biblical verses.  Let There Be Light is available for purchase here.  See Eric’s second inspirational book – Sacrifice:  What Would You Give?  Eric’s photography has provided much of the inspiration for the words that land on the pages of his books.  The skill of a photographer demands a fine eye to…

I Look Out the Window

A book of serious poetry.  Available at CreateSpace and Amazon.  Click here.    See Eric’s other poetry book, Galley Kitchen Ballet and his humorous poetry book, Ode To My Hair Eric has also published books for children, inspirational books, and travel books.  Eric’s photography is the driver for his writing and  typically his book ideas are the…

I Took My Dog for a Walk

A children’s book of funny photos and limericks.  Click here to order  See Eric’s first children’s book: There Once Was a Hippo Named Gertie.  This is a great book for first and second grade children.  This book can be ordered in print or for Kindle. Eric has also published books of poetry, travel books, and…

There Once Was a Hippo Named Gertie

This children’s book is full of funny photos and fun limericks that adults and children will enjoy reading together.  Click on the cover image below to go to the ordering page.  48 pages – Color – paperback.  Click here for the Kindle version.  See Eric’s second children’s book.  This would be a great book for first or…